Develop a blueprint for sustainable tourism.

Open Borders

Asia’s emerging markets have opened themselves to a deluge of visitors, investors, and researchers, ready to explore the vast resources it has to offer, creating a greater imperative for sustainability and social consciousness.


Weave through the tapestries of an interconnected Asia.

Think United

Collaboration is a crucial force to preserving Asia’s rich heritage, culture, and history. Harness the past and the present as the region rides into the wave of the future.


Make your paradise-in-progress stand out.

Redefine the Travel Map

To succeed in the battle for the mind, Asia’s next generation of leaders need to know where the heart lies. Infuse strategy in transforming your location into a world-class destination.


Unearth the emerging landscape of tourism in one of the world’s most vibrant regions.

Explore Possibilities, Enable Change

Environment, culture, leisure, business, social change—there are a myriad of reasons for a getaway, and a host of changes brought about by the influx of wealth and backgrounds in communities all over Asia. Learn how travel can impact the future of a society and of a nation.

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