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Building Strategic Partnerships for Business and the Community

Posted: 2013-01-22
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The Intramuros Master Plan was created with objective of enhancing Intramuros as a sustainable tourist attraction. Intramuros plans to utilize cultural heritage and tourism as instruments for nation-building. Specific projects in the master plan include revitalization of idle buildings, transport infrastructure development, and commercial stimulation in the area through public-private partnership. This plan was recently cited by the UN World Tourism Organization as a consultative tourism development model for heritage conservation. Last January 21, 2013, Intramuros Administrator Jose A. Capistrano, Jr. delivered his first and official public report on this master plan to members across various sectors in trade and business, government, NGOs, academe, and community organizations. Administrator Capistrano, with his team, discussed the components of this plan and emphasized the importance of community participation in Intramuros’ tourism planning. IA’s planning team has regularly consulted the walled city’s community to help in the technical decision-making of planning outputs.



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