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ALT-CFT to hold a forum on Nurturing Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Philippines

Posted: 2014-05-06
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Hon. Eva Marie Singson Medina
City Mayor, Vigan 

Ms. Len Cabili
Founder, Filip + Inna

Mr. Chaco Molina
Executive Director, Fundacion Santiago

The AIM Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism will hold a forum entitled "Nurturing Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Philippines" at the G/F Meralco Caseroom, Eugenio Lopez Building, Asian Institute of Management.

The forum will focus on how heritage tourism generates jobs, creates new business opportunities and strengthens local economies. It will provide an understanding on how heritage tourism preserves the nation's historic, natural and cultural treasures and how it improves the quality of life for the community.
Moreover, it will look at the insights of the following industry experts from the local government units, cultural heritage entrepreneurs, civil social organizations and local tourism office.
The conference will feature discussions of the different industry experts in the realm of cultural heritage tourism: Hon. Eva Marie SIngson Medina, City Mayor of Vigan; Ms. Len Cabili, Founder of Filip + Inna; and Mr. Chaco Molina, Executive Director of Fundacion Santiago.
Some important questions that the forum aims to address are:
  1. How does heritage tourism generate jobs and create business opportunites to strengthen local communities?
  2. How does heritage tourism preserve the nation's historic, natural, and cultural identity?
  3. What is the role of heritage tourism in promoting community development?

To register and confirm attendance, you may contact Ms. Tina Aguilar at +632 750 1010 ext. 2115 or email





Carolina Diamante


I would like to attend this forum. Is this free? How much is registration fee?

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