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Designing and Developing Sustainable Tourism

Posted: 2015-11-05
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19-23 October 2015 | Asian institute of Management 


When done sustainably, tourism can bring about many socio-economic benefits to communities throughout the Philippine archipelago. Both the private sector and local government units (LGUs) are instrumental to sustainable development since they create the infrastructure, policies and planning procedures needed for tourism. They support tourism businesses while adapting practices that conserve resources and at the same time ensure community interests. 

Training those most involved in tourism can: (1) lead to improved coordination among national government agencies; (2) create opportunities for local communities; and (3) ensure that the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism are favorable to all stakeholders.


The Asian Institute of Management (AIM), through the School of Executive Education (ExecEd) and Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism (ALT-CFT), offered its expertise in sustainable tourism to the various stakeholders of the tourism industry through the course Designing and Developing Sustainable Tourism

Topics on sustainable tourism, tourism economics, financing tourism activities, marketing and social media, leadership and stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, and natural resource conservation were covered to have a deeper understanding of how investments in tourism expands, and how the tourism stakeholders thinks. Throughout the duration of this program, participants worked in groups to design a workable tourism project. Prof. Fernando Y. Roxas, Executive Director of the ALT-CFT, served as the Program Director. Together with the team members of the ALT-CFT, they designed the program to for the private and public sector. 

The objectives of the program were:

  • To review the management process and other relevant skills that can be applied to the design planning and implementation of tourism programs and initiatives
  • To broaden understanding of tourism potentials
  • To imbibe the principles of sustainable tourism development

After the weeklong program, participants are expected to be capable of thinking strategically about tourism projects and what would be the key requirements for successful implementation. The participants learned new perspectives from the following Faculties who generously shared their expertise in their respective fields.  

Fernando Y. Roxas, D.B.A. Sustainable Tourism
John Paolo R. Rivera, Ph.D. Tourism Economics
Richard L. Cruz Marketing Tourism Products
Pajaree Ackaradejruangsri, Ph.D. Social Media Marketing
Michael Angelo A. Cortez, D.B.A. Financing Tourism Projects
Benjamin C. Bagadion, Ph.D. Ecotourism, Natural Resource Conservation
Milagros D. Lagrosa, Ph.D. Leadership, Stakeholder Management, and CSR
Ronald T. Chua Business and Enterprise Development
Anita M. Celdran Business and Enterprise Development


The program was held last 19-23 October 2015 at the Meralco Caseroom of the Asian Institute of Management. A total of 17 participants coming from different parts of the Philippines from Tondo, Puerto Princesa, Boracay, Cebu, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao participated in the course including from huge corporations like Ayala Land and premier universities such as De La Salle University and University of the Philippines. The course was also participated by the Vice-Governor of Masbate. Participants were satisfied with the conduct and outcomes of the program as evidenced by their comments and capstone project presentations.

On the 5th day, participants presented their sustainable tourism projects. Prof. Anita M. Celdran, Prof. Ronald T. Chua, Prof. Fernando Y. Roxas, and Dr. John Paolo R. Rivera served as panelists in the capstone project presentation.  


During the closing ceremony, Dr. Jikyeong Kang, President and Dean of the Institute, handed their certificates of completion together with Sec. Jesli A. Lapus, Chairman of the Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism and Prof. Gillian Ann Stevens, Head of the School of Executive Education. Mr. Gregorio J. Atienza, Director of the Alumni Association of AIM – Philippine Chapter and Secretary General of the Federation of AIM Alumni Associations, Inc. did the oath taking for the participants. Ms. Maria Felisa Marques of the City Tourism Operations Office – Local Government of Davao City was awarded the Best Student for this pilot batch. 

Clockwise from left: Dr. Jikyeong Kang and Sec. Jesli A. Lapus; Dr. Kang delivering the Opening Remarks; Mr. Gregorio J. Atienza doing the Alumni oath taking; and Ms. Maria Felisa Marques delivering the Class Response.


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