Designing and Developing Sustainable Tourism


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When done sustainably, tourism can bring about many socio-economic benefits to communities throughout the Philippine archipelago. Bothe private sector and local government units (LGUs) are instrumental to sustainable development since they create the infrastructure, policies and planning procedures needed for tourism.  They support tourism businesses while adapting practices that conserve resources and at the same time ensure community interests.

Training those most involved in tourism can 1) lead to improved coordination among national government agencies; 2) create opportunities for local communities; and 3) ensure that the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism are favorable to all stakeholders.  This program aims to increase the private sector’s and LGUs’ overall capacity to implement sustainable tourism development plans within their scope. Topics on tourism economics, creativity and systems thinking, the nature of costs, risks and budgeting, human resources, strategic planning and marketing aim to instill a deeper understanding of how the tourism private sector thinks. Courses on ecotourism and sustainable tourism development delve into the ways in which tourism can meet social and environmental goals in a Philippine setting. Throughout the week, participants will work in groups to design a workable tourism program/project.


  • to review the management process and other relevant skills that can be applied to the design planning and implementation of tourism programs and initiatives
  • to broaden understanding of tourism potentials
  • to imbibe the principles of sustainable tourism development


After the course, participants would be capable of thinking strategically about sustainable tourism programs/projects and what would be the key requirements for successful implementation.