Bacungan River Cruise Project

ALT-CFT Case Study:
CANDELARIA, Jacqueline
NAKPIL-ROXAS, Cecilia Beatrice


The case study narrates the story of Meggie Ochoa and her dilemma she faced in improving visitor arrivals of the Bacungan River Cruise. Over the last four years (2008-2011), the Bacungan River Cruise has attracted a total of 2,060 visitors, an average of only 515 per year. In contrast, tourist arrivals for the whole of Palawan were at 515,148 in 2011. Meggie must decide whether it is time to target a particular segment of tourists in order to have more focused marketing efforts. By the end of the case study the MBA student will be able to develop a marketing strategy for the Bacungan River Cruise by identifying which of the options presented by the protagonist is best suited to the current offering of the Bacungan River Cruise and the expected experience and promise of the product.


*To download the full version of the case study, kindly seek permission from the AIM Knowledge Resource Center - Library


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