South Palms Resort Panglao: Responding to Times of Change

ALT-CFT Case Study:
LIAMZON, Ma. Andrea C.
RIVERA, John Paolo R.


The phone rang as Fe Ginete, Sales and Marketing Manager of South Palms Resort Panglao (SPRP) in Bohol, Philippines was about to leave work after accommodating the crew of ABS-CBN’s Kris TV, a popular show that was featuring Bohol’s top resorts. It was not supposed to be a very busy August in 2014, but she was busy preparing for new marketing initiatives in line for the upcoming holidays. She picked up, and heard the familiar sound of a colleague’s voice. “Fe! Rumor has it that our provincial government finally awarded the civil works contract for the final phase of Panglao International Airport to a Japanese company. It should be operational by 2018. Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for!” It was Christian Adrian ‘Adie’ Gallares, the Corporate Director of Operations at the nearby Amorita Resort. Though they were officially competitors, SPRP has always maintained a cordial relationship with Adie – an esteemed colleague and friend. They were in accord that resorts in Panglao should consider each other as allies, and not as threats. 


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