Finding Nemo and Bontoc in Batangas

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John Paolo R. Rivera


With the busy work schedule in Manila, the Bontoc in Batangas Bed and Breakfast (BBBB) also known as the Bontoc Seaview Guest House is the closest anyone can get to Bontoc, Mountain Province. BBBB is a private bed and breakfast located at Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas, just a 2.5-hour drive from Metro Manila. With the number of rooms available, BBBB can comfortable house as much as 15 guests only. Hence, the staff can provide guests with a very personalized service – a royal treatment. 


BBBB is owned by Mr. Romy and Anna Trono. Romy serves as the Guest Relations Officer (aside from being the Chief Executive Officer) while Anna takes charge of kitchen operations. Moreover, Romy (photo above) was the former Executive Director of Conservation International, Philippines, and Country Director of the World Wildlife Fund. 

Upon arrival at BBBB, guests would be welcomed not only by a magnificent view of Balayan Bay but also by works of art and craftsmanship – intricately carved woodworks; heavy wooden furnitures; Ifugao-inspired woven table runners; bubbly glass bead curtains; red hot chili peppers; coffee table books on diving, corals, and turtles; turtle figures; and more turtle figures.  Guests would experience an ambiance as close to what they can experience in the Mountain Province of Northern Luzon. Bringing Bontoc in Batangas is really a brilliant idea. 


The rooms are also works of art.  At the topmost floor, the most coveted rooms, are two Ifugao-inspired rooms, with a loft, that are generously ornamented with Bontoc features and marine life stuffed toys.  Each room can accommodate at most 5 people. Each room has a bathroom with an exceptional design – the showerhead is made of a quirky coconut shell and the flooring is paved with stones. To preserve the natural ambiance, rooms are not air-conditioned. The cool breeze from the Balayan Bay provides airing.


Vacation is incomplete without the exquisite and splendid cuisines. The dishes are presented in such a way that guests will find them irresistible.  To make the most out of the experience, guests may want to forget their diet for the meantime and savor whatever is served. BBBB serves mouthwatering dishes that will leave a mark in the digestive systems of the guests. 


At BBBB, open-mic and karaoke sessions should not be missed. Romy encourages all guests to sing their favorite songs. He would be happy to play the guitar or a percussion instrument for guests and/or accompany them with their respective song numbers.  


Because Romy and Anna are licensed scuba divers, guests can also avail of diving lessons (for beginner to advanced divers). BBBB’s location is blessed with high concentration of marine biodiversity; thus, it makes scuba diving enticing for everyone. Guests do not even need to go far to reach good dive spots. In a few meters from the shore are excellent diving spots. The corals are remarkably healthy due to the conservation efforts by the divers and the community. It has become a sanctuary for scuba divers, marine biologists, and underwater photographers. If divers are lucky, they get the privilege of seeing and swimming with marine turtles.   


More than the tourist attractions of BBBB, guests would have the opportunity to learn from Romy’s expertise; and experience his unique sense of hospitality – he sings and mingles with guests, he shares fun-filled but educational stories, he treats guests like family. There are no dull moments with Romy.  No words can best describe the Trono’s hospitality, you have to experience it! 

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