Boracay: Preserving what we have, restoring what we lost

ALT-CFT Publications:
RIVERA, John Paolo R., Ph.D.
GUTIERREZ, Eylla Laire M.
Centre for ASEAN Studies Discussion paper No 97, July 2016

It is that time of the year when Pia Miraflores, Raffy Cooper, and Al Lumagod of the Boracay Foundation, Inc. (BFI), brace themselves for the upcoming Laboracay season, an annual summer celebration during the weekend of Labor Day in the island of Boracay. Pia and Raffy take the responsibility of meeting with their BFI members who are resort owners and organizers of the parties held in the island. They discuss the schedule and extent of parties that will be organized so as to manage in advance the amount of damages that will be due from the events. Meanwhile, Al has been busy with the fortification of existing corals and coral planting at the Baling Hai Beach in preparation for the expected sand erosion from the activities during the season. The aftermath is equally daunting, the tedious activity of the beach cleanup. If only the resort owners would consider the impact of the huge parties they are organizing on the island, then LaBoracay will be seen positively. If only the partygoers would be responsible for their garbage, then, cleaning Boracay can be much easier.

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