El Nido Resorts: Sustainability and Resilience

ALT-CFT Publications:
RIVERA, John Paolo R., Ph.D.
ROXAS, Fernando Y., D.B.A.
Globalizing MSMEs: From A Business & Society Perspective (Volume 1), November 2015


El NidoResorts (ENR) is a global brand that focuses on sustainability and resilience through the quadruple bottom line strategy that the company employs to advocate responsible tourism and exercise stewardship over its natural environment. ENR is an example of a brand that operates by creating both economic and societal values through community engagement and environmental stewardship.

ENR offers its best practice of combining sustainability efforts from the national government, NGOs, private sector, and the local communities to achieve genuine ecotourism. The concept and activity of ecotourism is not just about taking tourists out to see nature. Environmental protection and visitors' experience are now being given emphasis. Experience is the by-product the visitors/tourists would bring home to their respective companies and countries.


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