Strengthening Connectivity in the ASEAN Region

ALT-CFT Publication:
John Paolo R. Rivera, Ph. D. (
July 2014


With the acceleration of internet usage, the tourism industry must align its marketing strategies to reflect recent realities such as availability, interactivity, and search capabilities. In the midst of globalization, stakeholders must be adaptive to the rapid progression of technologies, creation of pioneering advertising schemes, and evolution of consumer preferences. As more advanced mobile applications become available in the market, prices and technology are critical in shaping the architecture of tourism. This is in tandem with social networks uniting a more transparent market in which people are able to provide services together. This study highlights the trends in digital technology influencing tourism as it creates opportunities for tourism growth and development. The major challenge of the tourism industry is the mismatch between suitable technology and consumer needs. Facilitation is a vital aspect of enhancing tourism. This will boost tourism and nurture a more accessible travel market.


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